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The all powerful Time Vortex. If you don't hear from me for days, it's because of THIS. So many cat GIFs, always enough time. Who needs sleep? And food? and FRIENDS?!


Jenny Kiley

Yup, I've got one of these, too! I rarely update it (unless I've made a new connection), but it's still here! Feel free to connect to me - why not?
Get in touch with me! Listed below are the different social media places I'm at, which is a much more efficient way or knowing what I'm up to. Also, you could fill out the form at the bottom, which will send me an email if you have any questions, comments, requests, et cetera! (Light blue sections are links to the pages!)


+Jenny Kiley

Yes, this is in existence. I never post anything on it, but it is there nonetheless. If it wasn't for the fact that Google owns my soul, I wouldn't have it! But alas, the Master does. :)



Jenny Kiley

Facebook! Feel free to send me a friend request - you never know, I just might accept! This is mainly used to connect with friends and family, and also to follow a few Internet people I like!



Ah, Twitter, what would I do without you? Feel free to follow me on it, watch my random tweets that come about once in a blue moon, and say hello!


Jenny Kiley / PhantomsMusician

The changes of YouTube are like the tide - consistently happening, puts you into a trance, and are somehow tied to the moon. That being said, I'm there, and have been for YEARS. Don't expect too many videos from me, except for about once a year!


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