A Little 'ol Blurb about Little 'ol Me

About Me

I am a graduate of Warner University with a B.A. in Business Administration (Management), and am now a graduate the University of Colorado - Denver with my Masters in Business Administration. Pretty neat, huh?

Here is a paragraph of random things:
I've always loved Japan. I took three years of Japanese in high school and took a 2 week trip to Tokyo for graduation. It was amazing, as expected. I also play piano. I'm also in a local Shadow Cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I'm good(ish) at Sudoku. I dislike (read: hate with a burning passion) Jello. I am terrified of the Void that is 'After Graduation'. 4 is my favorite number.

As for my 'career', I've tried a few different things, but as for now I'm trying to find the bridge that will lead me from 'Post-Student' to 'Early Career'. After that, who knows! I've always had a business mind, so I could do anything from working with non-profits to the Government, from accounting to IT, from hiding behind a desk to ruling the world.

I guess we'll find out, eventually, right?

If you want to know more about me, ASK. Shoot me a tweet, friend request me, send smoke signals or telepathy, however you would like - ask and you (may) receive.

(Check the 'Contact' tab for twitter name, smoke signal directional, and preferred pigeon carrier.)

Jennifer Kiley

Denver, Colorado